Sobre BE Konstruktorska


There is a country without any borders, any passports or authorities. That is a country of human imagination, creativity and a will to success. Whoever has a working brain, whoever has a dream to realize and whoever wants to cooperate with people in common purposes can be a citizen of that country. And there is a thing that this country has – it is an embassy, a place to work, to join all human abilities and to help people go on, no matter what their business is. It is the friendliest place to all the „brainy” citizens. Many different people, each with a free-floating mind, united under one roof. Welcome to the innovative workland


Imagine that your workplace can be absolutely different. In a place like The Brain Embassy you'll get the opportunity to meet creativity at its best. From big companies to individuals - the whole variety of inspiring people under one roof. Become an important part of our exciting workshops and meetings, share ideas with local and international experts of different fields and enjoy your work in the way you love. Meet the future on 1700 square meters, where 250 comfortable working places are set up and over hundred of them is in separated offices. On this huge area you'll get everything you want - stunning interior, plenty of different micro&common areas, technical infrastructure, kitchen and dinning zone, help desk, meeting rooms and much more. You'll be amazed while discovering&working at Brain Embassy.